Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Railgun Roadmap

For awhile I was hacking my ass off and being quite vocal about it (as I usually do), but then went (relatively) silent. I few disruptive events occurred at around the same time and I ended up without productive time to work on personal projects. I am starting to gain some time again, so hopefully I'll be able to pick up my pace.

Briefly, here is a quick run through my current mental roadmap, summed up in 8 milestones:

1. Huge increase of test coverage alongside organisational changes to facilitate the effort
2. Clear out some performance bottlenecks and address a few concurrency bugs
3. Introduce the new type system I have been working on. For this iteration only make available to struct reading utility
4. General maintenance (bug fixes, optimisation, testing, etc.)
5. Integrate the new type system into the rest of railgun
6. Major documentation effort.
7. Introduce code for *writing* data structures
8. General maintenance

I will try to post once midway through each milestone and then again after each so I can announce the changes.

Obviously I am not an authority and these goals are subject to the thoughts and opinions of not only the "real" Metasploit developers, but also all of you.

I would enjoy your feedback/questions so I can flush out this post...

Stay Froody!
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