Monday, July 11, 2011

Urban Dictionary Wordlist

EDIT: Unfortunately my VPS went down and took with it the list. If you have a backup PLEASE let me know.

Hello all!

I have built a wordlist that includes all terms defined on I have already tweeted a link to it and almost 1500 have downloaded so far, with the rate of downloads increasing exponentially. I am now posting about it on my blog so that I can both bring it to a wider audience and get feedback from those downloading it.

Was it useful? What did you use it for? Discover anything interesting? Run some kind of statistical analyses? If used for cracking, what word mangling rules did you find useful with it? Etc? If I get enough interesting comments, I will hurry up and post some of my other lists/scripts/rules as I develop them.

Find it here: 

I dedicate this wordlist to the great folks at SkullSpace and to iagox86 who is kind enough to share even coolor wordlists with us.

NOTE: There may be a slight flaw in the word list. Due to a bug, perhaps two or three of the lines are garbage, consisting of half of the next line. To be honest though, this is trivial considering how big the collection is. With the possibility of that tiny exception, it should be rock solid.

Happy hacking friends!
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  1. Was hoping to see this list but it looks like it's been disappeared from the internet. I think these are the mentioned Skull Security lists:

    And someone posted an urban dictionary scraper plus (highly incomplete) word list here:

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